Hostel Facilities

Hostel life is entirely different from life at home. Many parents prefer to send their children to hostel so that they are away from homely pleasure and learn to live and grow on their own. Hostel life provides the most ideal atmosphere for study. The students get more time and suitable atmosphere to do their studies, to get help or guidance for anything from their class-fellows and morever, from seniors who are living close by. Even a careless or negligent student starts working hard when he sees his roommate or neighbor competing for position. Thus hostel life inspires a lesson of mutual co-operation and the spirit of healthy competition.

Our Institute has a separate hostel section under the management of Hostel Management Committee. This committee is headed by its Chairperson. The Chief Warden, who is the secretary of the Committee, administers the day to day aspects of the hostel management.

Each hostel has a Warden from the teaching faculty of the colleges who is responsible for the discipline, maintenance of building, allotment of rooms etc. The hostel staff consists of caretakers/ block supervisors, other attendants. There are messes located at different areas of the Campus separately for boys and girls.

Hostel Committee

Sr. No Name Designation Designation on Committee
1 Prof.Y.R.Gurav Principal President
2 Mr. A.R.Patil Chief Warden Member Secretary
3 Mr.Y.M. Kamble Warden Member
4 Ms.S.Y.Aparadh Lecturer Ladies Representative


For Hostel Admission Contact

Mr. A.R. Patil 9404987484
Mr. Y.M.Kamble 9421257161