Department of Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering Department is NBA accredited. The Civil Department is committed to offer best in class academic services to the students and institute to enhance the delight of industry and society. This will be achieved through continuous improvement in the management practices adopted in the teaching and learning processes. The department is producing huge revenue generation through the standard calibrated material testing equipments. The department is always adopting development, implementation and evaluation and monitoring system along with adequate faculty development programs.


What Civil Engineers Do?

Civil engineers are the superior person in the construction of major public works projects such as buildings, highways, airports, bridges, and dams. Civil engineers can work for a government organization or in private industries competing for government contracts. Civil engineering is a broad branch a civil engineer can undertake, many of them specialize in a type of project or branch of the profession such as transportation engineering, structural engineering, or geotechnical engineering.

Broad disciplines of Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a wide field and includes many types of structures such as residential buildings, public buildings, industrial buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, dams, canals, airports, harbours, waste water treatment plants, water supply networks and drainage networks, etc.According to the type of structures and activities carried out, main branches of civil engineering are classified as follows :

Environmental Engineer

Structural Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

Transportation Engineering

Water resources Engineering

Surveying and levelling

Scope of Civil Engineering:

Civil engineering is a broad branch of engineering; it includes the study of the concept of design,construction and maintenance of infrastructure systems and projects. Civil engineering has various branches,increasing the scope of civil engineering.Civil engineers have huge opportunities in government departments like Railway,Metro Rail Corporation, Public Work Department etc.These government departments release notifications for the recruitment of engineers almost every year. The civil engineers who are keen on getting a job in  the private sector can apply to companies that have the vacancy for posts like planning and design officer, site engineer, construction  manager etc.